3 Signs it’s Time for a Rebrand

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Your brand is so much more than just a business name and a logo attached to your products and website.
Your brand underpins your entire market presence and becomes the aspect of your business which customers come to know and recognise. Crucially, it is not just your logo but also the way you use images, the terminology and tone of voice you use, and how you relate your team to your customer base.

When all these things aren’t working together, your business can appear chaotic and ununified – which is when cracks to show and messaging can get lost or confused, impacting the customer experience. If this rings true for you, or you want to invest in your business in the coming year, then it could be time for a rebrand.
Here are three signs to invest in a rebrand, as shared by the team at Capture House.

Your brand looks different on different platforms

Brand cohesion across different platforms is critical – and if we’re honest, is best achieved when you build your brand and online presence up from scratch in one go. If you have existing, old branding and are trying to recreate it for different and increasingly modern platforms, at some point discrepancies will appear and your branding will become lost in the variations and slight changes.

If you want to build an effective and reliable presence across different platforms, a rebrand will let you recreate your content with all those platforms in mind.

Your brand doesn’t appeal to your target audience

It’s time for a rebrand if the brand you’re presenting is no longer appealing to your target audience. Everything from your brand name to colours, tone, and where you appear online and in-store needs to resonate with your ideal customer – and if not, it’s time for a refresh and rebrand.

Your team isn’t excited about your brand

There is a marketing concept that we believe every brand should be prioritising, and that’s the idea that people buy from people.

If you’re reading this blog and are aware of the importance of both branding and content, then we don’t need to tell you that more brands than ever are putting their people and their team at the heart of their marketing activity – but in order for this to work you need a team that’s excited and inspired.

A huge part of that comes from your branding. If your team doesn’t back or believe in your branding – or, even worse, if they don’t fully understand your branding and what they are selling – then it’s definitely time to strip your business back and build a new market presence.

Making a rebrand work for your business

If a rebrand is on the cards, or you need advice on how to harness the power of your branding for increased conversion and marketing, then a team of content experts can help to develop a tone of voice and campaign that suits you. Get in touch with your local content team for more information.

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