A Beginner’s Guide to 1:1 Application

classic lashes

When a client comes to you seeking lash extensions, it’s important to understand their ideal results before deciding on the best product for them.

So often we meet clients who have spent years fixing strip lashes to their lash line, purchasing kits from high street stores and attempting a DIY job – often without even realising that there are better, more natural alternatives available via a clinician.

Contrary to popular belief, lash extensions performed by a trained clinician are not over the top or overly bold – quite the opposite in fact. With access to leading classic lashes, professional beauticians and clinicians are trained to deliver results which are both natural and long-lasting.

In this blog, we’re spotlighting classic lashes and the 1:1 application method recommended by leading suppliers across the UK and beyond.

How 1:1 application works

The 1:1 lash application method works exactly as it sounds – fixing one last extension to each natural lash along the client’s lash line. Though time-consuming and fiddly at first, this is a treatment method that you will soon become accustomed to, recognising the benefits of this more natural lash extension when compared with flat strip lashes.

The classic lashes that we recommend using for this type of treatment are made from a PBT silk material, which emanates the texture and look of your natural lashes. The silk material creates a soft, almost fluffy finish which sweeps across the lash line and helps to reduce irritation and other challenges.

The benefits of 1:1 application for classic lashes

Now that you understand a little more about the 1:1 application method, it’s time to consider why this is fast becoming the go-to for clinicians and beauticians across the industry. After all, classic 1:1 lashes take more time to fix and are incredibly fiddly – so what exactly makes them better?

As we’ve alluded to in the earlier sections of this article, classic 1:1 application lashes offer the most natural finish for your clients. With classic lashes available in a range of thicknesses and textures, clients can choose their ideal finish and benefit from extensions which look completely natural.

What’s more, 1:1 lashes are designed to be long-lasting, with extensions lasting for up to a month or more depending on the client’s approach to aftercare following treatment.

So, where can you find the perfect lashes for your clients?

Finding the right lash supplier for your business

Finding the right lash supplier requires a balance of good products and a reputable service. Some of the best suppliers around will bridge the provision of lashes with advice and training on how to use the different products available.

When seeking the right supplier for you, we recommend looking at both the in-house training from the supplier and the quality of the products that they use. Classic lashes which use the 1:1 application method are best when made with a high-quality PBT silk – something that only the best suppliers will offer.

For more information about this product and for advice on utilising the 1:1 application method, get in touch with your local supplier today.

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